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‘Ten Years Ago’ Website Acts As A Time Capsule for the Online World

Feeling old? Wait until you check out this website.

Credit: Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, Osama bin Laden was shot by United States forces in Pakistan and the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City and elsewhere began.

The Hangover II and Bridesmaids were both coming out, and the IPhone 4 became available in the color white.

Knowing this is true is easy with the website Ten Years Ago.

The site allows users to look back to the year 2011, and read what publications like The New York Times looked like a decade ago on this day.

Credit: Ten Years Ago

As I am writing this, ten years ago today Lindsey Lohan videos were on the front page of YouTube, Apple was releasing the new desktop iMac, and the owner of 2011’s Kentucky Derby winner wanted to eliminate drugs from horse racing, according to the NYT.

Users of this virtual time capsule can read what the most popular movies on IMDb were, what was happening in sports with ESPN, old BBC News headlines, and more.

I was only eleven years old at the time of these headlines, and it’s cool to be able to see what was happening in the world, and remember things that my parents were talking about around the house.

It’s also crazy to see how the internet has changed, and what advancements websites have made in just a decade.

Look at the New York Times website today:

Credit: New York Times

Compared to ten years ago.

Credit: Ten Years Ago

Notice the small things–like ads, the menu, and the way a user had to navigate the site. Wild!

If you’re curious to remember some old headlines you can give it a go here.

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