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See The Devastating Ruins Of The War-Torn City Of Raqqa – Capital Of The Islamic State

A never before seen insight.

A never before seen insight.

Over recent years, ISIS militants have not only been responsible for an unnerving amount of senseless terror attacks that have ended thousands of innocent lives but have also taken over the city of Mosul and claimed the city of Raqqa their capital in the fight for the middle eastern territories. The Arab and Kurdish forces have been defending Raqqa and its surrounding areas and continue to eradicate a dwindling amount of IS fighters in the area.

Though the Islamic State is weakened and about to lose their capital, whatever life is left in Raqqa will find that the city has already been lost. The devastating ruins of the Syrian city which held a population of 22,000 strong is now in complete ruins;

BBC journalists Quentin Sommerville and cameraman Darren Conway went into the heart of the action to film what America is calling ‘the war of annihilation’ in the short documentary below:

For more on the war against the Islamic State, witness the conditions these Iraqi soldiers face on a daily basis.

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