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Why Practice Pads are Essential for Great Drummers

You may want to consider investing in some if you haven’t before.

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Mastering an instrument is a lot of hard work. Some people take years of lessons, while others teach themselves online. Either way, a person will most likely need to do a ton of practicing before they reached a more advanced level.

There are many ways a drummer can perfect their craft. One way is to use a practice pad to hone techniques without having to use a noisy instrument. Having professional, reviewed drum practice pads can make all the difference when you start to play on the set again.

Here is more information on practice pads, and why they are essential for any great drummer to own.

What is a Practice Pad?

A practice pad is often a round, flat pad that is either plastic or rubber. Though many drummers opt to drum on furniture, these pads are meant to emulate the real feeling of a drumhead. Mesh options are also growing in popularity. They replicate a real instrument without the noise.

You can place one on a drum stand for the most realistic feel. However, most people set it on a flat surface like a tabletop or even your lap. You may find options that sit on top of your drum to mute it so you are not as loud.

What are the Benefits?

Drums are a particularly loud instrument. Many people feel embarrassed to make a mistake when anyone around can hear your mistakes. Since the pads are quieter, you will be able to rehearse freely without feeling insecure. You also won’t have to worry about disturbing family or next-door neighbors!

Practice pads are perfect for helping you refine your stick technique. You will be able to learn your rudiments and help your hands get faster. Once you transfer these techniques to your kit, you will likely be amazed at your progress.

They are also more convenient than practicing on a kit. You can bring one anywhere, making it easy to tap things out while you are focused on other tasks as well. This will make rehearsal feel like more of a fun hobby and less like a chore.

Taking it a Step Further

For people who are looking to get the most out of their drum pads, they may consider buying a full set. This makes it possible to hone stick and foot techniques, as well as movement around the entire drum kit. Refining solos and drum fills can feel fun and realistic without being too noisy!

Most percussionists would also recommend purchasing a metronome. You should use it any time you decide to break out the drum. It keeps time while you drum, and helps you internalize how fast or slow different tempos are. Using a metronome with a pad will ensure that you hear the ticking. Oftentimes, metronomes are too quiet to hear over regular snare drums.

If you buy a pad with a stand, you can even work on your stick tricks! Stick throwing and spinning are entertaining things to throw in if you are in a marching or pep band.

In Conclusion

Practice makes perfect, especially in a hobby as difficult as playing a percussion instrument. That is why having a tool that is specifically made for practicing is important. Stick control, accents, and keeping the beat are all essential skills for any musician. The practice pad is there to help you perfect all those techniques.

Make sure you opt for the best product for your needs. Doing your research to buy the right pad for you will ensure you don’t waste your time or money.

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