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Who Voices And Stars In Netflix’s New Series “Lost Ollie”

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Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s latest hybrid limited series, Lost Ollie, is one of the best family series available on Netflix. The series features some of the top talent lending their voices, and this series contains only four episodes.

Lost Ollie is partially inspired by Ollie’s Odyssey, written by the author and illustrator William Joyce. This new series combines live-action segments with some of the best CG characters.

Here is a list of the characters and their voices:-

1)Ollie is the main character of the Lost Ollie series. It’s a patchwork bunny desperately trying to find his owner.

Jonathan Groff voices the character of Ollie.

2) Rosy -A tough teddy bear who has gathered her experience over the years.

Mary J. Blige voices the character of Rosy.

3)Zozo- a retired down-the-clown carnival figure one would throw a ball at.

Tim Blake Nelson voices the character of Zozo.

4) Sharon- Billy’s mother is referred to as Momma throughout the show.
Gina Rodriguez voices the character of Sharon.

5) James- Billy’s dad is referred to as Daddy throughout the show. Jake Johnson voices the character of James.

6) Billy- a young man who loves his toy, Ollie. The character of Billie is played by
Kesler Talbot.

7) BJ Harrison played the character of Flossie. Flossie is the owner of the store where Ollie first wakes up.

The other cast member includes:

Everett Andres as Mike Apple (known for Supergirl)
Zoë Noelle Baker as Jolene (known for ABC’s Big Sky)
Paul Anthony (as seen in Blade: Trinity)
James Pizzinato as Suzy’s Dad (known for The Murders)
Isabel Birch as Suzy Wiles (known for Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club)

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