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Where Was the ‘Crocodile’ Episode of Black Mirror Filmed?

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Image Credit: Netflix

Black Mirror is an ongoing British anthology television sequence that investigates an assortment of genres, but most are arranged in near-future dystopias with sci-fi technology. The show is founded on The Twilight Zone and employs technology to discuss modern social cases. It made its debut on December 4, 2011, and has released five seasons as of yet.

The plot is split into several episodes that can be enjoyed in no certain decree. The preponderance of episodes is established in dystopian near-futures with novel technologies that magnify a quality from modern culture. The show is created by Charlie Brooker and written by numerous writers, including Charlie Brooker, Kanak Huq, Jesse Armstrong, Rashida Jones, Michael Schur, and William Bridges.

One of the most talked about episodes of the show is the third episode of the fourth sequence titled “Crocodile”. The episode was released on December 29, 2017, on Netflix. It was directed by John Hillcoat and written by Charlie Brooker.

The plot follows the tale of Mia, who, fifteen years ago, assisted her friend Rob in hushing up a hit-and-run casualty. The story continues as she devotes several killings to cover up her past criminalities. The next player introduced is Shazia, an insurance investigator who utilizes a “Recaller” to project people’s optical recollections on a screen.

This episode received positive reviews and stands with an average rating of 6.39/10. It also received a median ranking on critics’ indexes of the installments of Black Mirror by grade.

The episode was filmed in Iceland and contained a setting filmed in the Harpa concert hall. Upon inspection, it was found that The extensive icy landscape of Iceland gives a sensation of being riddled with an infinite coil of catastrophes and fallacies, which perfectly fits Crocodile‘s composition and storyline.

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