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When is ‘Manifest’ Season 4 Coming to Netflix?

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Image Credit: Netflix

Unfortunately, Season 4 of Manifest will not be coming out in October, but we know it will be coming out sooner than you think.

Though Netflix is an Original series, the popular supernatural drama was originally on NBC. After three seasons and a cliffhanger ending, NBC canceled the show with fervent outcry from Manifesters. This led to the #SaveManifest campaign, which resulted in Netflix saving the day.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the fourth and final season. The release date was not announced, but we know that season 4 will be split into two parts, with 20 episodes.

When is Manifest season 4 coming to Netflix?

Netflix hinted that season four will begin on Friday, Nov. 4, but could not confirm the release date for episode 10 to the press.

Nov. 4 may seem like a random choice made by the streamer, but it was no coincidence this is the release date they chose. This is the day the passengers returned home after their Montego Air Flight 828 had been missing for five and a half years. We also predicted a November release, as Manifest creator Jeff Rake hinted in a tweet.

The story follows Ben, grieving after his wife’s brutal murder. From this grief, Ben continues to search for his kidnapped daughter. Michaela has taken on the responsibility as co-captain of the boat, but there are now government officials that monitor passengers.

A mysterious traveler arrives just as the death date draws closer and tells Cal something. This changes everything we know about Flight 828, that it was a ploy for the Callings to turn all of humanity into gods.

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