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What’s The Scariest Movie On Netflix?

the scariest movie on Netflix, IT, IT Netflix
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You’ll probably want to wait for one of the best movies on Netflix this Halloween season. The Shining is chilling and will raise the hair on your arms – it’s just one of the scariest movies on Netflix right now.

There’s no wrong answer as to which horror movie is the scariest–it depends on what you find scary. It may also depend on your personal preferences; some people are scared of supernatural situations, while others are more frightened by slasher movies or any other genre.

There are some really good movies on Netflix this year, but one stands out above them all. I think that it is the scariest movie, and you can find it on Netflix.

What is the scariest movie on Netflix in 2022?

The scariest movie on Netflix is the remake of IT, and it was close to The Conjuring 2, but IT presents both the supernatural side of things and Pennywise.

The original IT members from 1990 is a movie that is still hard for me to watch now. Pennywise holds his own in the horror genre.

What is IT about?

It is arguably one of the best novels ever written by Stephen King, and that’s a lot when you take a step back and look at his catalog of stories.

The story is set in an imaginary town. The outcasts in the city decide to do something when they’re sick of being killed (among many other things) and stalked by Pennywise.

Pennywise, portrayed by Bill Skarsgård, is one of the scariest movie villains on Netflix. This is because everyone is terrified of and has nightmares about clowns, so seeing a good portrayal of that character creates anxiety.

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