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What Is The Plot Of ‘The Mole’?

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Image Credit: The ABC

The ABC series The Mole is returning and airing on Friday, October 7. When it first aired, the show took fans through five seasons.

There will be ten episodes over the course of three weeks. Alex Wagner will be hosting this season with 12 contestants.

The contestants in this reality show are Avori Henderson, Casey Lary, Dom Gabriel, Greg Shapiro, Jacob Hacker, Joi Schweitzer, Kesi Neblett, Osei White, Pranav Patel, Samara Joy, Sandy Ronquillo, and William Richardson.

There’s just something about reality shows that gets us hooked! So what can we expect to see in the new Netflix show?

What is The Mole on Netflix about?

The Mole is a remastered version of the original show. The high-stakes competition series will see 12 players working together in challenges to add money to a pot that only one of them will win at the end.

From the producer’s perspective, one person is assigned to sabotage the group. How much money they make depends on how well the Mole does their job, sabotaging challenges and diminishing the prize. Ultimately, one contestant will outlast their competition and expose the Mole.

The trailer gives an idea of what the contestants will have to go through, including figuring out who the Mole is and risking high stakes.

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