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What is Netlix’s ‘Love in the Villa’ Starring Kat Graham About?

Love in the Villa cast, Love in the Villa
Image Credut: Netflix

The Umbrella Academy meets the Vampire Diaries in the brand-new Netflix film- Love in the Villa.

No, the new rom-com doesn’t have vampires or genetically modified siblings. However, it does have a mirthful yet adorable story of two people who realize that they are the reason for each other’s happiness.

This 2022 title is a classic that involves the storyline of the typical strangers to, enemies to lovers. However, it’s portrayed in such a way that will make its viewers want to search for their polar opposite and fall in love with all their annoying but admirable shortcomings.

Set in Verona, Italy, Love in the Villa is based on the life of Julie. Julie is a woman whose journey to the beautiful country could not have been more awful than it did. Her fiance, Bradon, broke up with her, lost all of her belongings, and somehow double booked her vacation home with Charlie( he is a man who exceptionally may well be her rival).

So, Julie and Charlie get into a never-ending battle to declare dominance in the vill. Meanwhile, they realize that they complement each other pretty nicely between the food-throwing and arguments.

So will this rivalry turn into something romantic?

Kat Graham from The Vampire Diaries will be playing the role of Julie in the new film. At the same time, Tom Hopper from The Umbrella Academy will play the role of Charlie, Julie’s counterpart.

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