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What Happened to Evie in the Netflix Series ‘Manifest’?

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Image Credit: Netflix

Manifest season 4, part 1, is currently streaming on Netflix, and new episodes are set for release soon.

Some might not recall who Evie was because her character only appears in one episode in Manifest season 1. However, she had a vital role with Michaela and her journey across the show.

Evie was one of Michaela’s closest friends since childhood, and they were almost like sisters. Evie later died in a car accident which Michaela blames herself for.

In season 3, Evie and Michaela have a heated argument while drinking. Michaela wants to take an Uber instead of attempting to drive home, but Evie was determined to drive home. Despite her better judgment, Michaela submits to her and offers to drive them back home, and the pair end up getting into a car crash which results in Evie’s death.

Throughout the fourth season of Manifest, Michaela struggles with Evie’s death due in large part to the anniversary of her passing. Michaela is still troubled by what happened to her friend. We can see her fighting with those feelings of guilt at various points in the season, including via a Calling that takes Michaela back to the night of Evie’s death.

For the most part, Evie’s only presence in the season is seen through the mentions of her by Michaela and via the flashbacks to her death. But Evie does appear in a truly stunning scene at some point in season 4, part 1.

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