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TV Shows And Films to Check Out If You’re a Fan of Jordan Peele’s Horror Films

Calling all horror heads! Here are a few more films to add to your list

Credit: CJ Entertainment/Gaumont/Prime Video

Jordan Peele is challenging stereotypical conventions of horror films. His films are effortlessly full of suspense and eerie imagery that underscore prevalent themes of race and social class. Peele brings forth the evils of humanity in his films instead of focusing on old Hollywood tricks. Changing the narrative of traditional horror films is reshaping this genre into something that calls for more bold and artistic statements than ever before. Here are a few films and TV shows that you may not know who aim to do just that.

1. His House (2020)

Credit: Aidan Monaghan/Netflix

“His House”, written and directed by Remi Weekes, follows a refugee couple who escapes from South Sudan to England. The couple quickly realizes their new life is one filled with evil entities and deep horror. This film’s creepy imagery portrays a haunting that is not only metaphysical but emotional as the main characters must learn to navigate a new life without losing themselves in the process. The film builds natural suspense as it explores the harsh realities of assimilating to a new country and dealing with xenophobic tensions.

“‘Your life is not yours. You stole it,’ whispers one of the figures tormenting the pair, and that self-doubt is perhaps the most unsettling aspect of all. His House is top-tier horror.”

Roxana Hadadi

2. The Handmaiden (2016)

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Based on Sarah Water’s hit novel “Fingersmith”, Park Chan-Wook’s “The Handmaiden” takes place in 1930s Korea. It follows a pocket picker and conman’s venture to coarse a Japanese heiress into falling in love but the deeper into the scheme they get, the more complicated the plan becomes. Its psychological tone accompanies its themes of forbidden love and extreme violence. The story feels unnervingly neverending as the plot unravels plot twist after plot twist. This thriller is sure to keep your heart pumping and palms sweating.

“While its a feat of technical brilliance and visual genius, its the way Park uses his story to force his audience to question their assumptions that made me speechless the first time I saw it”

Daisy-Leigh Phippard

3. Possession (1981)

Credit: Gaumont

“Possession” directed by Andrzej Żuławski is a divorce horror film. The film takes place in the midst of Cold War tensions in West Berlin. It breaks the lines between realism and the supernatural as it follows an emotionally distraught couple. Its intellectually constructed plots and carefully portrayed characters create high tension throughout the film. And although this film is a bit on the older side, it doesn’t fail to get the hairs on the back of your neck to stand straight up.

“[Possession] remains one of the most grueling, powerful, and overwhelmingly intense cinematic experiences that you are likely to have in your lifetime.”

Peter Sobcyznski

4. Them (2021)

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video’s “Them” is a horror anthology series. Its first season “Covenant” takes place in the 1950s and follows a black family as they face racial tensions after moving into a white neighborhood. The series delivers a new take on the haunted house as the family deals with supernatural evils and prejudices. The cast’s stellar performances paired with its picturesque cinematography create an unnerving atmosphere throughout the series.

“Through powerful, skilled acting, smart cinematography, and immersive scenery and scoring, Them drops viewers into a tale that leaves no guessing where American horrors fester.”

Shireen Rose Shakouri

5. The Witch (2015)

Credit: A24/Universal Pictures/Elevation Pictures

“The Witch” written and directed by Robert Eggers is a period horror film. Follows an American colonial family that falls under a curse and finds themselves on the route to self-destruction. The film focuses on its women and their control under patriarchal customs. Its feminist narrative runs through the film’s dark and eerie atmosphere. Its modern twist on classical fairy-tale evils makes this film a unique dark horror.

“Like any good horror film, The Witch is rife with opportunity for allegorical interpretation, and one of the most compelling narratives bubbling beneath surface is the origin story of America itself.”

Britt Ashley
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