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‘True Spirit’ Star Cast: Who Plays Who in Netflix’s True Adventure Story?

True Spirit
Image Source: Netflix

The official trailer of “True Spirit,” which debuted on January 9, 2023, on Netflix, gives a glimpse into the adventurous life of the lead character Jessica Watson, who wishes to travel the world by ship.

True Spirit is a touching family film concerning one of the youngest individuals to ever travel the world on a solo, independent sailing journey. It is based on the incredible true story of Australian youngster Jessica Watson. 

True Spirit Series Cast

Teagan Croft portrays Jessica Watson, the youngest person to sail solo worldwide at 16, who is motivated to break existing records. On her journey, she faces challenges, demonstrates bravery, and discovers how to handle vulnerability and loneliness. She is fiercely independent, yet she also values her relationships with her family and Ben Bryant, her mentor.

Cliff Curtis, Ben Bryant Jess’ mentor, is an experienced sailor with a harsh attitude. He wants to make sure Jess is aware of the risks associated with the water since he is aware of them. He sets high standards for Jess and doesn’t treat her differently because he is dedicated to seeing that she realizes her dream.

Anna Paquin, as Julie Watson, Jess’ mother, has always encouraged her daughter and assisted her in overcoming her doubts. While she worries about Jess being alone on the sea, she knows she can never stop Jess from following her dreams.

Josh Lawson as Roger Watson, Jess’ father, struggles to resist his desire to shield his daughter and encourage her sense of adventure. Roger needs to develop the confidence to trust Jess and allow her to make her own decisions as she sets out on her dangerous sailing trip.

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On Friday, February 3, True Spirit is expected to be available worldwide. The movie reportedly has a running duration of 1 hour and 49 minutes.

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