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Trailer For New Horror Movie That Causes Viewers To Faint In Cinemas is Out

This new “Terrifier” sequel is causing people to be ill in theaters, from throwing up to fully passing out.

Terrifier 2
Bloody Disgusting

The new horror movie, Terrifier 2, was released in the US on October 6. This movie, directed by Damien Leone, created a stir in cinemas because it has caused members of the audience to pass out because of the violence.

Terrifier 2, following the 2016 film Terrifier, is about Art the Clown haunting siblings on Halloween.

As with any slasher film, there are scenes of gore and violence, but this movie has proven itself to be on a new level.

Credit: @ScreamboxTV via Twitter

Movie theaters have had to call ambulances to assist viewers that reacted very negatively to the scenes, whether that be passing out or throwing up.

One fan recounts his experience of his friend passing out while watching the movie. “The theater called an ambulance. Highly recommended,” they said.

Credit: @ratshitbastard via Twitter

The film producers decided to start warning viewers via Twitter. Steve Barton says, “There have already been numerous instances of fainting and vomiting in theaters.”

Credit: @UncleCreepy via Twitter

Despite the overwhelming terror this movie has caused, it has been rated highly on Rotten Tomatoes. Fans, as well, are finding themselves enjoying the intensity of the movie.

This fan says that they are often unfazed by intense gore in horror movies, but found themselves shocked by how intense it was in Terrifier 2.

Credit: @Enerdtayment via Twitter

If you decide to watch it anyway, as Barton said, “you have been warned.”

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