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There Is Kindness In This World

Nornickel’s documentary melted the hearts of juries in Cannes

Distant lands of northwestern Russia, bordering with Finland and Norway, are harsh for living and can be reminiscent of the lands of wildings from the Game of Thrones. It’s hard to survive for weak people without any clear goals, mind and right values.

“Life is not a piece of cake in the Far North: over here it is permafrost. It’s quite cold nine months a year, and it’s freezing cold during the other three… So, the conditions we live in create many difficulties and challenges, and it’s probably a lot easier to face them together. You know that there is kindness in this world, still, and afterwards, you’re happy that you are one of those who brought it there,” said a steelworker from the industrial city of Monchegorsk. His name is Artem and he is one of the Caring documentary’s characters.

The film presented by Russian company Nornickel has won а silver dolphin in “The very best in corporate media & TV of the year” nomination at the 10th international Cannes festival. There are just a few short stories about Nornikel’s volunteers from different parts of Russia. In 2016, the company launched a corporate volunteer program called “The Factory of Good”. In three years of the program over 56.000 people participated in the volunteers’ events.

The film shows how some of them turn into clowns and entertain children in hospitals; others plant trees, help homeless animals and organize events for children. These initiatives were part of a big program called the Plant of Good, which motivates Nornickel’s employees to come up with regular eco-friendly activities. Apart from the real advantage to the ecology in industrial cities and wild nature, the main event is an ecological marathon called “LET’S DO IT”. The idea of this marathon is to create a competition of different eco-oriented projects. It is organized in a form of quest games where 60+ teams take part and go through different kinds of challenges.

It is a pleasure to see how 10 volunteers, representing hundreds of others in real life, are open to doing something extra and for free without asking for anything in return. In fact, most acts of kindness can be done by giving up some spare time. However, more sophisticated events like a theatrical performance and face painting events for children were also organized.

The shooting took place in the Monchegorsk, Norilsk and Moscow cities from February to May this year and was directed by Sergey Filatov. It is a real pleasure to see the breathtaking views of northern nature, valleys and, most importantly, the deeds of the volunteers. The latter ones are, in fact, regular people like engineers, linear workers, lawyers, marketing managers and many others, but they choose to dedicate a part of their life to changing the world into a better place.

As a result of the course over the past four years, hundreds of trees were planted in the cities and parks; Pasvik Nature Reserve, which borders Norway, was equipped with new trails and a shelter for homeless animals was built.

“When people ask you, ‘Why do you do this?’ Answer: ‘Why don’t you do this?’” A volunteer from Monchegorsk City.

Even if just one life will be changed for the better, it’s totally worth all of the efforts. The film truly motivates and inspires people to think wider and consciously seek to do more in their daily lives, because a person doesn’t need to be a superstar to do simple acts of kindness. On the contrary, accumulative efforts are more powerful and effective.

In reality the efforts of Nornickel’s employees have melted the hearts of thousands including the Cannes juries who included corporate communication experts, journalists, film directors and producers.

Alexey Nikishkin, the general producer of the documentary, confessed after the award ceremony, “I’m proud of every single person involved in this film project and those who make the world a better place just like the heroes from the movie.”

The premiere of Caring is planned for October at the final and closing stage of the eco-friendly marathon in Sochi, Russia.


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