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The Empress: Should You Watch Or Skip?         

The Empress
Image Source: Netflix

Romantic Period Drama has always been a most watching content over the internet and the one which audience likes the most. The Empress on Netflix is one of those Romantic Period Dramas.

The Empress season 1 consists of 6 episodes, and the run time of every episode is between 50 to 60 minutes. The story is based on a royal 18th-century royal family.


Devrim Lingnau 

Philip Froissant 

Melika Forouta

Johannes Nussbaum 

Elisa Schlott 

Jördis Triebel 

Almila Bagriacik 

Hanna Hilsdorf 

Runa Greiner

Svenja Jung 

Andreas Döhler 

Wiebke Puls 

Michael Fuith 

Felix Nölle 

Martin Butzke 

Alexander Finkenwirth 

Leopold Hornung 

Patrick Rapold

August Schmölze

Raymond Tarabay 

Irene Della Casa 

Rauand Taleb

Erol Nowak 

Merlin Rose 

Noemi Emily Krausz 

Anna Bottcher 

Markus Fennert 

Andreas Bongard 

Vladimir Korneev 

Elzemarieke De Vos 

Why Should we Watch?

The answer is simple, the character (centre character) Elizabeth belongs to a Royal Family, and her thought process makes her different from everyone around.

She’s living a life with all the happiness, all comfort, without any misery in the kingdom.

Excellent costumes are one of the eye-catching factors of the series.Music is yet another engaging factor in the series.

The story is based in the 18th century, and one can fee llike those scenes are actually from the 18th century with the incredible way they’ve been put together, which engages the audience and makes for a memorable watching experience.

The story starts moving as the character Elizabeth falls for the Austrian Emperor Franz and later marries him..

The story doesn’t just consist of a love story, but betrayal, dirty politics, and a fight for power – and all these factors force the audience to hold on to it. All those transitions in the situation are beautifully depicted in the series.

Characters and the are beautifully written and interwoven, and all the co-characters give justice to their role, making the series more ever more engaging.

The audience experiences the love and hates relation with different characters because the depth of each is palpable.

Why should we skip?

The repeated story is one of the most significant drawn back of the series. The audience will have a new segment or story with this series which was never seen or discussed earlier. 

The series may get a little slow and boring when the plot keeps changing from a peaceful  miserable life. The audience may get a thought whether to try watching this series or not. The series keeps moving, and the audience keeps connected.

One of the very minimal draws of the series is nudity which makes the series (not a show to watch with family). This drawback can be ignored eventually.

Overall, it is a watchful show for the LPD audience for its good character writing, good music, and good costumes and because the series doesn’t end in season 1 makes the series wait-worthy for next season.

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