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‘Power Rangers: One & Always’ Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Image Source: Saban International

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series is getting a reboot some with some new and familiar faces starring in the Netflix revival. Fans are excited to learn of the show’s details, like synopsis, cast, release date, etc. 

‘Power Rangers: One & Always’ is expected to go live with streaming giant Netflix in April 2023. The series is officially titled ‘Might Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always’. 

This Power Rangers series is a remake of the 1993’s tv series from Fox named Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, featuring a superhero. This series is a popular entry in the Power Rangers franchise with 29 seasons and three featured films. When this premiered in the 90’s, it quickly gained attention and love from fans and turned out to be a pop-culture-classic for its action figures. 

The franchise is now reborn, and will continue with a thirtieth Power Rangers season called Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, which will release on Netflix in late 2023. A fourth film is also in production, and that too is scheduled for release late in 2023. 

‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always’ Release Date

This Netflix special will be released on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, and the timings are 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET on this date.

‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always’ Cast Details

The series is coming with some famous and amazing faces of the industry like:

  • Walter Emanuel Jones as Zack/Black Ranger
  • David Yost as Billy/Blue Ranger
  • Catherine Sutherland as Kat/Pink Ranger
  • Steve Cardenas as Rocky/Red Ranger
  • Karan Ashley as Aisha/Yellow Ranger
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam
  • Barbara Goodson as Rita Repulsa
  • Richard Horvitz as Alpha 5
  • Charlie Kersh as Minh

‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always’ Plot

The new adventure in this series shows that Rangers face a familiar threat from their past. In the middle of global crises, Power Rangers are called once again when the heroes are needed by the world.

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