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Nina Parishano: Everything You Need to Know About the ‘Dated and Related’ Star

Nina Parsijani, Nina Parsijani bio, Nina Parsijani height
Image Credit: Netflix

Prepare to be dazzled because Netflix’s newest dating series will debut in just a few days! When Dated and Related debuts on September 2, it will undoubtedly become the Netflix original series that everyone is talking about.

This TV show follows hopeful singles and their siblings as they compete in a dating competition to find their soulmates. We’re introduced to several sibling duos, one of which includes a contestant named Nina Parsijani.

Nina and her twin, Diana Parsijani, will also join the dating show. While Diana falls in love quickly, her sister Nina is considered an ice queen and too picky. She’s very distrustful of men but somehow always has a boyfriend. Hopefully, during her time in the villa, she meets someone who trusts her enough to let their guard down and get to know her.

Nina Parsijani age

Nina is a 29-year-old Norwegian Iranian woman. She currently resides in London, England. She has black hair and brown eyes, to boot.
Nina Parsijani Instagram Account

This lovely twin sister team also shares an Instagram account where they post pictures together. As of August 30, the account has 16k followers and 93 posts. Along with tons of breathtaking photos of Nina and her sister, you’ll also find that they know how to take good selfies!

Nina Parsijani TikTok Account

Nina and her sister also run a TikTok account where you can find several videos of the two sisters being funny. The page has garnered over 2,000 followers, and that growth will continue when Dated and Related is released. You don’t want to miss any more videos from the Parsijanis, so be sure to give them a follow!
Nina Parsijani job

Like her twin sister, Nina works as a goldsmith. If her Instagram bio is any indication, she might also be a gamer.

When Dated and Related arrives on Netflix on September 2, make sure to check it out!

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