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Netflix Cancels Resident Evil Series After Just One Season

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Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s live-action Resident Evil series has ended its journey. According to the reports of Deadline exclusive, Netflix has decided not to approve additional seasons of the action-horror show. The show is based on the popular video game franchise.

This news is, however, not that surprising. The live-action series failed to generate the best viewership numbers, and neither was it well-received by fans of the franchise. However, the critics were kinder than the fans. Die Hard fans of the Resident Evil franchise have been asking for a faithful adaptation of the games for years. This shows that the films and series still have much to do to satisfy the majority.

The best the fans have done is to embrace an adaptation of the Paul W.S. Anderson films starring Milla Jovovich. However, even that film series is polarising.

A lot of factors contributed to the cancellation of Resident Evil. For example, the show debuted on July 14th. There couldn’t have been worse timing. The show floundered under the shadow of the fan-favourite hit series Stranger Things. It’s a similar problem with the third season of The Umbrella Academy. However, at least The Umbrella Academy made its way back up the charts after the Stranger Things hype went down.

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