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NBC Announce Plans to Extend ‘Quantum Leap Revival’ by 6 Episodes

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Image Credit: NBC

NBC has announced plans to release more episodes of the Quantum Leap revival. What does this mean for the show? Will there be a second season?

Unfortunately, Quantum Leap hasn’t had the greatest impact. It’s the lowest-rated show on the network, with New Amsterdam being the only one below it. We were a bit concerned by this.

Despite this, NBC has decided to extend the first season of the show. NBC is privately pleased with its performance, which means it’s likely to be renewed for a second season. Before that happens, we can look at the episode counts for the new episodes.

Quantum Leap revival episode count

The series has been given six extra episodes. It was originally given twelve episodes, so now the season order is 18.

Regardless of how you define it, anything about 13 is an entire season by today’s standards. More and more networks are reducing episode counts from the previous standard of 22 to 24 that we once saw. There’s a cost element in this as well, with filming protocols slowing things down and consequently costing more time and money.

TV shows are more expensive than ever. Cutting off just four TV show episodes will help you reduce costs, giving you more resources for a better costume and CGI budget. This is important in a series that includes time travel. Just look at Timeless being canceled mostly because it was too expensive, and NBC didn’t have its streaming service at the time.

We’re certainly excited about the 18 episodes. With some hope, the series will continue focusing on finding what happened to Sam Beckett, even if Scott Bakula isn’t involved—yet!

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