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‘Quantum Leap’ Cast: Who’s in the New NBC Show?

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Image Credit: NBC

Quantum Leap, the latest reboot, is about to arrive on T.V., and it premiered on Monday, September 19th, on NBC. The series, which is set on the time-traveling adventures of Dr. Ben Song, takes place nearly 30 years after Sam Beckett went into the accelerator and disappeared.

The new team, overseen by Ben, is in for challenges beginning with Ben’s memory loss. After they caught up with him in the past, he doesn’t recall the work he’d been doing or why he decided to jump through time in the first place.

The cast of Quantum Leap is listed below:-

Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song. Dr. Ben is the team leader that operates on the Quantum Leap accelerator.

Caitlin Bassett as Addison Augustine. Addison is Ben’s guide from the past, and she’s a retired Army intelligence and appears during Ben’s leaps as a hologram that only Ben can see.

Ernie Hudson as Herbert “Magic” Williams. Herbert is the chief of the Quantum Leap project, who’s supposed to take care of his team but also has to maintain his responsibilities with the answers he has to give to the Pentagon.

Mason Alexander Park as Ian Wright. Ian is the head programmer on the top-secret program that rebuilt Ziggy. The A.I. that Ian helped to restore provides essential information to Ben as he leaps through time.

Nanrisa Lee as JenChou. Chou is the lead of digital security on the program. Jenn operates closely with Magic. The duo is trying to figure out why Ben decided to make an unauthorized leap so they can help bring him back home.

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