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‘Infiesto’: What is Netflix’s Spanish Thriller About?

Image Source: Netflix

Infiesto is a 2023 Spanish film streaming on Netflix. Since it takes place during the world’s recent lockdown, it quickly reached the top of the platform’s most-streamed content. However, another factor that attracted audiences to the film was the title. 

The newest thriller from Netflix can be the ideal choice for movie night this weekend if you are not tired of pandemic stories. Infiesto is a violent, dark movie about two detectives chasing down culprits in the kidnapping of a young girl.

Two inspectors are appointed in charge of the hunt for the kidnappers involved after a girl is found who has been missing for days, just as the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to spread around the world and people are afraid and confused. The kidnapper is eventually caught, but before killing himself, he remarks that events are just getting started. Inspectors Garcia and Castro discover the kidnapping of several more children, which goes much beyond the typical kidnapping for money. 

Before another life is lost, they soon find themselves on a wild goose chase to identify the leader. This gritty, suspenseful thriller centers on the pressure experienced by two cops who must work quickly to save youngsters from a psychopath as the coronavirus spreads over Spain and leaves dead bodies in its wake.

The writer and director of this mystery movie, PatxiAmezcua, who also directed The 7th Floor, is renowned for his work on the screenplay for A Man of Action. Isak Férriz, who played Iria del Ro in Elite, also appears in Infiesto.

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For its use of violent language, violence, and smoking, Infiesto has a TV-MA rating. Only adult viewers should watch it. Infiestohas been streaming since February 3, 2023, and you can watch it on Netflix.

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