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‘Futoku No Guild’ Episode 9 Release Date & Preview: “Golden Egg, Something Soft”

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Episode 9 of Futoku No Guild will be released very soon. All the amine fans must scroll through to see where they can watch the show.

This anime series is purely entertainment-based, with lewd things featured in the episodes. It’s a Hybrid Harem-type anime where the antagonist is looking for a successor, but he has to fight off the female fighters.

The previous episode (episode 8) of Futoku No Guild begins with Kiku confronting a forest spider that threatens nearby villagers and is actually stung by one of her sharp legs. However, he has prepared a trap near his forest house with the fire of the crested ibis, and Kiku drags the spider into the trap. However, if the spider hits even one blow, it dies.

Eventually, he leads the spider to a trap where Toki is waiting, but she is distraught trying to go to the bathroom. Toki’s spell causes the house to explode and kills the spider, but it also burns Toki’s clothes. She hugs him and asks Kiku to cover her while she waits to regain her powers.

Later in the episode, Hitam visits Kiku, who is recovering from a spider bite, and asks him to come with her to the shopping district. This is because we learn that they have such lewd ideas about her, and they are giving them away for free stuff.

The 9th episode, titled “Golden egg, Something Soft,” will release on the 30th of November at 23:30hrs at Japanese standard time. The time of release will vary in different regions across the globe.

The latest episode will be aired on local Japanese networks in both censored and uncensored versions. Fans besides Japan can access the show on bilibili.

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