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Frasier Reboot: Teaser Poster Shows That Fraiser Will Return to Boston

Image Source: Paramount Global Content Distribution

The famous American TV series “Frasier” was aired for eleven seasons and debuted Kelsey Grammer’s role of Frasier Crane in 1984. The popular NBC spin-off “Frasier” relocated the character to Seattle. In the series finale, Frasier quickly decided to travel to Chicago to follow a love interest rather than move to San Francisco, where a new job in Television awaited. Now, Boston will serve as the location for the Frasier sequel.

The first teaser poster for the new version of “Frasier,” released by Paramount+ on Wednesday, confirms Frasier’s return to Cheers’ Boston. Soon after the pilot for the Frasier remake was given its name, a new image surfaced. Its title, “The Good Father,” refers to the play in episode 1 of the first season, “The Good Son.” It hints at the primary interaction between Frasier and Freddy in the remake.

The reboot of Frasier’s specific narrative is still being kept under wraps. But during the past few months, some aspects of the show have been made public. Aside from Grammer, none of the original series stars will have recurring roles in the Paramount+ production, and the story will be set in a completely different city.

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It’s unclear at this moment if Boston will serve as Frasier’s final stop in the remake. There’s a reason he left the city; if he returned, there would be many story problems, including the necessity that he fully restores contact with his Cheers friends. It would be better to take it somewhere else to set the Frasier reboot apart from all the other series that Frasier Crane has appeared on.

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