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Emma Myers Thinks Wednesday Addams Should ‘Stay Single’ in Season 2 of the Netflix Show

Image Source: Netflix

Netflix has confirmed that “Wednesday” will return for a second season, although binge-watchers are still experiencing a hangover from Season 1. 

Wednesday is a popular drama series that released its debut season on Netflix in November 2022. The Netflix drama has gained more than 1 billion view hours within a short period. Emma Myers starred in the popular Netflix series “Wednesday” as Enid Sinclair, the roommate of Wednesday Addams(Jenna Ortega) was a werewolf dealing with her limited ability to shift entirely, only being able to extend her claws on command and during intense emotional states. Enid’s involvement in the Jericho murder investigation from Wednesday’s first season was primarily shown along with her love for gorgon student Ajax.

In a recent interview, Variety questioned the 20-year-old actress whether she had encountered online discussions regarding “Wenclair,” the ship name of Wednesday and Enid. The actress said she had seen the ideas and would be open to them. She said, 

“In the show, everything is possible. I don’t know the game plan because we haven’t discussed direction. I believe Wednesday needs to spend her season of singleness. She must take a break from it for a while since she just had a significant incident involving men. If I had experienced it, I would be afraid to date anyone.”

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Although it is possible to argue that Wednesday and Enid would be better off as platonic best friends, it would be one of the show’s most significant plot elements if they did end up dating in the future. Like other high-profile Netflix episodes like The Sandman and Stranger Things, portraying an LGBTQ+ relationship via the gothic Wednesday perspective would significantly contribute to such relationships.

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