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‘Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor’: When Will Jodie Wittaker’s Final Episode Air?

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With the release of Commander Chris’s last episode of Doctor Who, it is uncertain when the show will return either on television or streaming. The question remains: When does Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor air?

Due to the COVID-19 mandate, Doctor Who has had a lot of changes and trouble. Season 13 originally had 11 episodes, with one extra episode added as an add-on. Then, it was reduced to eight episodes and two specials. Now it’s almost over for Jodie Whittaker, with just six left until its last season finale.

When will Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor air?

The new Series 11 will air on Sunday, Oct. 23. It’s a week earlier than I expected, and I honestly thought the show would air the day before Halloween – yesterday was the last episode they filmed. So if you’re not in your home country, get ready to tune in!

Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor will see the regeneration of Jodie Whittaker’s character. We already know that Ncuti Gatwa will play the role for the 14th season, but we don’t know when they’ll make that final appearance.

Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor takes us to 1916 Russia for some of it. It has some interesting concepts and scenes in this episode. It looks like a lot is going on throughout different periods and on different planets. Some characters are missing in the 21st century, while others are trying to reach out to the Doctor. The main plot looks at another traveler called Rasputin, who had some sort of hold over Tsar Nicholas. What exactly is happening?

Dr. Who, Yas, and Dan will work together to solve the mystery. But is The Master friend or foe when they’re in a desert with no technology? It’s hard to guess!

Something to note is that this episode is longer than most, and it’s 90 minutes long. In the UK, it will start at 7:30 p.m. and run through to 9 p.m. as it airs on a network without commercial breaks.

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