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‘Belascoarán, PI’: What is Netflix’s Mexican Mystery-Crime Series About?

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Image Credit: Netflix

Belascoarán, PI is an offbeat Mexican crime mystery series with an avid fanbase. There’s a good chance this new show will be a hit for Netflix.

The crime-solving detective Héctor Belascoarán Shayne struggles to unravel the brutal mysteries of 1970s Mexico City in the first season of this hybrid series.

Belascoarán is a detective willing to do things like using himself as bait to solve a murder and unmasking a killer. The series’ first episode follows Belascoarán as he participates in a televised quiz show to gather clues and survive being taken, hostage. Still, additional episodes feature Belascoarán trying to solve kidnappings and having to escape from sticky situations when he’s implicated in a murder.

How many episodes is Belascoarán, PI?

Although there are only three episodes in this show, each one is a full hour long and 20 minutes in length. With three installments of almost four hours combined, it’ll take you an entire day to watch the series.

Is Belascoarán, PI, based on a book?

Characters from the book Paco Ignacio Taibo II and their stories are featured in the show. In episode one, characters from Days in Combat were modeled after men on the front lines, episode two is based on An Easy Thing of Men, and episode three draws inspiration from No Happy Ending.

Here’s who else stars in this captivating new show:

Paulina Gaitan as Irene
Irene Azuela as Elisa
Luis Gerardo Méndez as Héctor Belascoarán Shayne
Silverio Palacios as Gomez Letras
Eligio Meléndez
Gabino Rodriguez
Nailea Norvind
Paloma Woolrich
Paulina Dávila
Enrique Arreola
Andrés Parra

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