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Ali Lopéz-Sohaili: Manifest has been “life-changing,” Season 4 [Interview]

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Image Credit: Netflix

Ali Lopez-Sohaili is an actor who is best known for his recent role as Eagan Tehrani on NBC’s ongoing supernatural drama series called Manifest. The actor was previously seen in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

On Manifest, the actor was introduced in season 3 as an 828 passenger. Tehrani has a photographic memory and aligns with several 828 passengers in a cross to Ben’s leadership. His entry in season 3 episode 3 is memorable. Since his arrival, the character has gained fans through his charm and his mischief. Season 4 part one began with prison, prisons and experiments. Tehrani had his plays full.

Recently the actor was seen in an interview with Netflix Life where he talked about his role and this opportunity. During this conversation, it was revealed that he got the role in 2020. He also told about how he auditioned in season one as well for the role of Ronnie Wilcox.

Later he talked about Tehrani’s characteristics. The character is fun and witty and has a sarcastic tone. Season 4 dived into his background and shinned a light on the reasons behind his personality. When asked about his character arc, the actor revealed that there were times when he thought that his character won’t survive.

While talking about his cast experience, he talked about the cast and crew dynamics and how well they work together. Everyone was welcoming and he never felt out of place. Netflix Life talked about the future of his character and where he sees him. Lopéz-Sohaili said that his character is always injured in one way or another and he has no idea about his future.

The interview ended with Lopéz-Sohaili expressing his gratitude for the role and how it has been a life-changing opportunity for him.

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