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Tips and Tricks for Winning More Matches in Rainbow Six Siege

In this article, we share several tips that you can apply to get you those long-awaited wins.

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The degree of competition players experience in Rainbow Six Siege can be found only in a few other games out there. So, if you want to hit those wins you’ve so much desired, you’ll have to work for it. However, you wouldn’t just work without knowing what to do.

That’s the reason for this article. In this article, we’ll be sharing with you several tips that you can apply to get you those long-awaited wins. In addition, some undetected rainbow six siege hacks that will help you dominate in your game are also available.

Tips and tricks for winning more matches in Rainbow Six Siege

Take your time

Rainbow six siege is a highly competitive game that advances at a slow pace. So, you must learn to tame that temptation to rush into the battle and make kills. You can easily get killed by mistakenly getting in the wrong hallway.

In that case, it’s very important to have a game plan before launching into any combat. Weigh the situation and come up with the best attack you can afford. This could be enough time to notice a breach in your opponent’s defense which you can exploit.

Know your favorite operator’s abilities

If you chose an operator in Rainbow six siege without knowing its abilities, you’re as good as a sitting duck. If you’re up against experienced players, then you can expect to die in less than 3 minutes from the start of your game.

Knowing the abilities of your favorite operator helps you to use him to the fullest in your matches. You should also take some time to familiarize yourself with what the other operators are capable of. It helps you to know what to look out for if you’re against them in combat.

Use your drones for intel

Rainbow six siege allows you to break through fortifications and attack enemies. But, how do you know if you’re walking into a trap? This makes drones in the game a very useful practice, especially when entering the objective room.

Scan for openings where you can use your drone to access building interiors. After gathering the information you need about the room, you should place the drone somewhere in the room for teammates. You can also use security surveillance cameras for extra intel.

Don’t be a loner

Different operators in the game have different abilities that easily define what role they play in their team. Having yourself in a team with characters whose abilities readily complement yours is a big bonus. So, when you get in a team, the first thing you should do is delegate roles to the different members of the team.

However, you must avoid being a liability to your teammates. You must be ready to utilize your abilities to achieve the team’s objectives. If you’re using Thatcher, you must be available whenever your team needs to break through a reinforced wall.

Spend time playing Terrorist hun

Terrorist hunt tasks you with eliminating terrorists on different maps. Alongside the benefits this comes with, you can also sharpen your skills in the game. Terrorist hunt provides a conducive atmosphere to practice and master the different in-game mechanics. Some of the important skills you should focus on improving are your peeking and aiming.

Pre-aiming and strafing are worth it

You can’t stop other players from shooting at you in the game. But if you want to reduce your chances of getting hit, you should get used to pre-aiming and strafing. Pre-aiming involves you getting your crosshair on target before leaving your cover. 

It makes your bullets travel faster and also reduces your exposure time. Also, strafing is done when you run from side to side in a zigzag manner. It’s a valuable technique if you don’t want to be an easy target for snipers and other enemy shooters.


Rainbow six siege offers great gameplay for first-person shooter lovers. However, you can end up in a frustrating cycle of losses if you don’t know the basics. To win more matches in the game, you need to know how to use any character you choose to play. Also, since you can’t stop yourself from being shot at, you can reduce your damage chances by strafing and pre-aiming. Lastly, know your maps; it’s key.

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