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Ex-FBI Agent Claims the Murder of Rapper Notorious B.I.G Was Arranged by Suge Knight

A retired FBI agent claims to know that Suge Knight was responsible for the death of rapper Notorious BIG with the help of corrupt law enforcement.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

According to a former FBI agent, the killing of rapper Notorious B.I.G. was a hit coordinated in retaliation for the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur.

Phil Carson, a retired FBI agent who worked the case, claims that it was Death Row founder, Suge Knight who ordered the hit in an interview Carson did with the New York Post.

He also claimed that corrupt cops in the Los Ángeles Police Department helped cover up that Knight was responsible for ordering and paying for the hit on Notorious B.I.G.

Carson stated:

Suge Knight financed the murder. Suge was ticked off that his cash cow Tupac was murdered. Suge had an accountant that was part of Death Row Records who helped do the financial side of things to pay for the murders.’

March 9, 1997, Wallace was shot and killed on an LA street. The killing was claimed to be from a rivalry between Death Row Records and LA’s Bad Boy Records, ran my P Diddy.

Don Sikorski and Brad Furman created the 2018 film, City of Lies, centered around the case, to which they told the New York Post that they have seen the “sealed case” that confirms Carson’s claims.

‘All the answers are in black and white.’

Sikorski to the New York Post

Suge Knight is currently serving a 28-year sentence from a hit and run killing from 2018.

British filmmaker, Nick Broomfield, claims to have new evidence in his new documentary, The Last Man Standing, concerning the case. 
There is footage of him speaking with his source.

Brookfield asks:

’Which officers are you saying were implicated in the murder of Biggie Smalls?’

The sources replied:

‘There were five officers that were involved in it.’

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