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Drake Generously Gives A $50K Check For Student’s Tuition

Drake is the real MVP here.

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Drake either likes the publicity or really genuinely wants this girl to succeed.

While visiting the University of Miami to film his new music video, Drake made the big decision to help a struggling college student.

Though his purpose was to promote his new single ‘God’s Plan’ Drake had something else in mind. Destiny Paris James got the surprise of her life when Drake awarded her with a $50,000 check for her tuition.

James, a 20-year-old public health student, had applied for a scholarship last year. Through this application, Drake somehow got a hold of her essay and was so moved that he set up a plan to give her the check. She was contacted about recording a video about her upbringing.

James was under the impression that the video was meant to encourage donors to the university when in reality it was a ruse to get her in place to receive the check.

She told BBC Newsbeat, “It was very shocking to even be that close to someone like Drake and for him to tell me; ‘I’ve heard your story, I’ve read so many great things about you. It’s always been a struggle to make sure my tuition is covered.” She plans to use the money to cover the gap in her tuition, pay off some student loans, and treat her mom.

Drake also visited Miami Senior High for some filming. using a crane to get high in the sky for the video for ‘God’s Plan.’ The three-time Grammy award-winning also donated a whopping $25,000 to the school along with planning a new design for school uniforms with his brand OVO.

“I hope you all have a great year, I hope you all go on to do incredible things.

“And the best news of the day is that the bell is about to ring, so school is over!”

Whether he did it out of the goodness of his heart, or just for the recognition, he did a good thing either way. More artists should take note. When you’re a millionaire, 50K is just chump change. Thanks, Drake, you the real MVP.

Perhaps a more achievable way to pay for tuition, the PornHub scholarship.

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