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Billie Eilish Creates First Infinite Music Video From Fans Around the World

How her hit track ‘Bad Guy’ broke the internet

Image via YouTube Music/billie.withyoutube

So, YouTube did something cool. We all know Billie Eilish. The child prodigy with a voice as soft as melted butter. The genius teenage singer songwriter. The iconic green hair.

Well, her iconic song ‘Bad Guy’ has over a billion streams just on Spotify alone, so it’s safe to say she’s next level. This level of popularity merits tens of thousands of covers, hundreds of thousands even? Everybody wants to put their own spin on the catchy track.

So here we are with all these videos of people from all over the world singing and playing the same song. What should we do with that? Well, YouTube decided to do something they’ve never done before– an infinite music video. Literally.
Video from YouTube Music

You can access the video here, where you’ll discover an interactive site where you can click on different covers for as long as you’d like. If you think it’s not really infinite, let me challenge you. It would take 1.46 x 10^100 years to watch all of them. Longer than the predicted universe has even existed. I’m not joking.

While we’re on this note let’s talk about the universe. Since the ‘Big Bang’, it has been 13.8 billion years. That’s 7.25328e+15 minutes. I don’t even know how much that is but it’s a f*ck load.

What’s cool about this interactive page though is that you can sort the covers by genre. There are categories such as voice, jazz, orchestra, animals, remake, and pretty much any other rendition you can think of. Billie truly touched the ears of Earth it turns out.

Image via Wikipedia Commons

I remember reading about Billie when she was 16 selling out shows at music festivals that were 18+. Meaning she could perform on stage but couldn’t step foot into the actual festival. Now at 18 she’s making music history and shows no sign of slowing.

YouTube did an incredible job of producing a futuristic take on their normal platform. You must really have to be pulling in numbers for them to do that– but we all know Billie is. Check out the website and have some fun clicking around, it’s crazy to see all the different videos synched together to create this one never ending song.

On a completely unrelated note, scientist have released a ‘Grow-Your-Own’ human stake kit using cells from your own human cheek cells. Yes, we are now cannibals. Buckle up.

Image via YouTube Music

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