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A woman went into labor during the Pink concert at Fenway

A woman entered labor at Fenway Pink concert, walked to hospital.

Pink Concert
Image Source: Ben Stas for The Boston Globe/The Boston Globe

Hold onto your hats, folks, ’cause we’ve got a wild story coming your way! Picture this: a New York mama-to-be struts into a Pink concert in Boston, ready for a-rockin’ good time. But guess what? Life had other plans, and this show turned into a whole new kind of performance!

So there’s Angela Mercer, right? She’s strutting her stuff at Fenway Park, groovin’ to the beats of Pink, when suddenly, her baby’s like, “Hey, Mom, I’m ready for my grand entrance!” And guess what? Angela’s only 31 weeks pregnant, but her little rockstar decides it’s time to steal the spotlight.

Now, rewind a bit. Angela’s on this rad girl’s trip, celebrating her mom Barbara’s birthday. But life’s got a twist in store – her plans take a U-turn like a race car at a sharp corner.

As soon as she waltzes into the concert, Angela feels those contractions giving her a nudge. Talk about unexpected surprises, right? She’s like, “Whoa, this wasn’t in the script!” So, quick on her feet, she calls her doc for backup. The doc’s like, “Girl, head to the hospital, pronto!”

But here’s where it gets tricky. Concert chaos is swirling like a tornado, making it harder to catch a ride to the hospital. So what do Angela and her squad decide to do? They channel their inner explorers and decide to hoof it to Brigham and Women’s Hospital. And guess what? That place is just a little over a mile away from the concert party central.

Imagine the scene: Angela, her mom, and the gang all decked out in their concert finery, strutting down the street like they own the place. They’re on a mission – a baby mission!

And here comes the jaw-dropper: Angela’s baby boy is like, “Alright, world, here I come!” In Brigham’s NICU, Angela delivers her little champ. It’s like a scene from a movie, a tale of unexpected twists and turns, with the hospital staff playing the role of heroes.

Angela and her hubby Ace can’t stop gushing about the hospital dream team. They’re all like, “Whoa, these folks at Brigham and Women’s Hospital are like the Avengers of medical care!” They guide them through this rollercoaster ride with all the smarts and heart, and Angela’s like, “We can’t thank them enough!”

Now, here’s the cherry on top of this rollercoaster sundae. Angela’s fam might have missed Pink’s concert, but guess what? They’ve got the greatest gift of all – a healthy baby boy named Aycen. This little dude is Pink’s youngest fan, and let’s be real, he’s got a concert story that’ll top ’em all.

So there you have it, a tale of music, contractions, and a surprise entrance that turned a concert night into an epic birth story. Who needs a backstage pass when you’ve got a front-row seat to life’s craziest adventures?

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