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2023 Made in America festival in Philadelphia was canceled due to ‘severe circumstances’

2023 Philadelphia Made in America festival canceled due to ‘severe circumstances’.

Made in America festival

Well, folks, grab your earbuds and listen up ’cause we’ve got some news that’s like a record scratch in the rhythm of things. Philly’s famous Made in America festival? Yeah, you guessed it, it’s been dealt a tough hand this time. The curtain’s fallen before the show even began, and it’s all because of some wild twists that even the pros couldn’t predict.

Labor Day weekend was supposed to be a riot of music and magic, with the Benjamin Franklin Parkway ready to burst at the seams. The stage was set for September 2-3, with SZA and Lizzo all set to steal the spotlight. But guess what, y’all? The show’s been yanked off the playlist, the plug pulled by the folks behind the scenes.

In a statement that hit like a thunderbolt, the festival’s organizers spilled the beans: “Tough call, folks. We’re hangin’ up our dancing shoes this year. Crazy stuff out of our control, so we’re dropping the mic on the 2023 Made in America festival.”

Hold onto your hat, ’cause there’s no encore. No juicy details, no backstage drama to spill. The what’s and why’s are all wrapped up in mystery, leaving us scratching our heads and turning up the volume on our curiosity.

Now, if you’re one of the lucky ticket holders who were all set to groove, don’t you worry. They’ve got your back. Refunds are on the house, so you won’t be singing the blues after all.

Mayor James Kenney? He’s got a few words too. “Disappointed” is the name of the game, and he’s playing it well. He’s been watching this gig since 2012, and it’s become a Philly tradition, like cheesesteaks and Liberty Bell selfies. But don’t lose hope just yet – he’s got a glimmer in his eye and a promise on his lips. Made in America ain’t down for the count. They’re tuning up, getting ready to rock the Benjamin Franklin Parkway harder and wilder than ever come 2024.

So there you have it, a twist in the tale, a festival faded to silence but ready to roar back. Philly, keep those speakers blasting and your dancing shoes polished ’cause the music ain’t over yet.

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