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‘Lance of Ruin Fire Emblem: Three Houses’: The Complete Guide

Unlocking the Power of the Lance of Ruin Fire Emblem: Discover the Secrets and Strategy Behind this Legendary Weapon in Fire Emblem.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses, released in 2019, remains a beloved title in the franchise. 

With the highly-anticipated sequel, Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to dive back into the world of Three Houses. And if you’re aiming for a triumphant replay, you’ll want to return the Lance of Ruin to its rightful owner.

The Lance of Ruin: Sylvain’s Ticket to Dominance

The Lance of Ruin, one of the sought-after relic weapons in the game, becomes available during Chapter 5. This legendary weapon boasts a critical rate of 20% and a Might of 22, but what truly sets it apart is its connection to Sylvain. If he’s part of your party, you can choose not to return it to Rhea and instead entrust it to Sylvain, the sole wielder capable of maximizing its potential due to his crest of Gautier. Using the Lance of Ruin significantly boosts Sylvain’s Might, adding to his combat prowess.

Areadbhar: Dimitri’s Ascension

Areadbhar is another game-changing relic, introduced towards the end of Chapter 15. It’s exclusively usable by those with the crest of Blaiddyd, unlocking the devastating combat art called Atrocity. Dimitri is the chosen one for this exceptional weapon. However, with only twenty uses, it’s wise to keep another weapon handy for backup during crucial battles.

Freikugel: Hilda’s Tactical Advantage

Freikugel enters the scene during Hilda and Cyril’s chapter, offering a Might of 23 and a 10% critical chance. But it’s not just the stats that make this weapon shine; it’s all about that Crest of Goneril synergy. With this crest, the wielder can deftly sidestep enemy counterattacks. Plus, the user gains access to the devastating combat skill, Apocalyptic Flame, which not only deals extra damage but is particularly effective against dragons. In this case, Hilda is the go-to character to make the most of Freikugel’s unique abilities.

Failnaught: Claude’s Aerial Dominance

Failnaught, designed for those with the crest of Reigan, is tailor-made for Claude. This bow delivers a critical rate of 20% and deals bonus damage against flying enemies. What makes it truly special is its ability to heal Claude when he uses combat arts. On top of that, it has a unique combat art called Fallen Star, granting Claude the power to avoid all attacks during the next round of combat. This makes Claude an invaluable asset for those extended, grueling battles.

Meteor: Unleash Spellbook Mayhem

Spellbooks are a staple in Fire Emblem games, and Meteor doesn’t disappoint. With a range of ten, it can strike enemies from a distance. While it’s a one-hit wonder, the classic spellbook brings a touch of magic to modern battles, and there’s something truly satisfying about that.

Sword of Begalta: The Reliable Blade

The Sword of Begalta may lack critical hit chances, but it compensates with a 100% hit rate. With 30 uses, it’s the dependable choice for long-term engagements, ensuring you never miss your mark.

Caduceus Staff: Magic’s Extended Reach

Heroes bearing the crest of Cethleann will find the Caduceus Staff invaluable. Bestow it upon a character like Flayn, and their magic range extends by one square. This seemingly small boost can make a world of difference when a spell needs to connect while keeping the unit safely out of harm’s way. Moreover, the staff’s passive healing effect ensures your unit stays resilient throughout battles.

Recover: The Versatile Miracle

Recover isn’t just another weapon; it’s a versatile miracle. It’s not only a potent healing tool for your allies but also packs a punch with its 30 Might and impeccable 100% hit rate. The only drawback is its limited five uses, forcing players to make strategic choices between healing and offense.

Aymr: Edelgard’s Ace

Aymr might have a modest 60% hit rate, but it’s Edelgard’s ace up her sleeve. The crest of Seiros unlocks its true potential, granting her the Raging Storm combat skill. This skill allows her to move again after making an attack, granting unparalleled battlefield mobility.

Three Houses Lance of Ruin: The Unbelievable Sword

Last but not least, we have Viskam, a sword that defies expectations. Acquired for just one gold, it boasts infinite uses and deals magical damage, providing a range of nine squares with a perfect hit rate of 100%. This sword is nothing short of astonishing and a game-changer in any battle.

There you have it, folks! These incredible weapons and spellbooks are your key to success in Fire Emblem Three Houses. So, sharpen your tactics, equip your heroes, and prepare for victory as you return the Lance of Ruin to its rightful place in your arsenal.

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