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You Decide: Should Music Be A Career Or A Hobby?

Risk it or play it safe?

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The music industry is rich with talent, which naturally means that getting your big break is no easy task. Ask any of the world’s most iconic musicians, and they will tell you that before they made it big, getting by was a real struggle. Taking this into account, as well as the fact that the majority of musicians don’t make it big, it can be hard to know if there is potential for success building a career in the music industry, can’t it?

With that in mind, the question is: should music be a career of a hobby? The answer to this question will depend on your specific situation, but hopefully, the below tips and pieces of advice will help you to decide whether music could become a career for you or whether it’s better as a hobby.

Do you love it?

The first question that you need to ask yourself when it comes to considering whether you could turn music into a career is whether you love it or not. They say that if you choose a career that you love, you will never work a day in your life, and it is so true. If practising, playing and writing music, or creating digital sounds is something that you enjoy and love doing, then it could make an ideal career choice for you. However, if it is just something that you are good at and do to pass the time, then it may not be career material. You need to consider how much you love playing music or mixing music, to determine if it could be worth going down the path of starting a music career. You deserve to have a career that you love, so don’t settle for something that doesn’t light your spark.

Is there a market for it?

The next thing that you need to consider is whether there is a market for the kind of music that you play or make. The fact is that not all music has a market, and it is important to consider whether this is the case for the kind of music that you perform or create. For a singer and guitarist there is always work available, as long as they are skilled, but for other more niche areas of music, this is not always the case. DJing, for instance, is a sector of the music industry that has great potential for success but as it’s so competitive, there is not a big market for it.

Is there high earning potential?

Then there is the question of whether there is high earning potential for the musical talent that you have. While you don’t have to be rich to succeed in the music industry, you do need to be able to make a livable income from what you do, which is why determining if your musical talent will allow you to earn a good income is important. Take the time to consider whether you have the earning potential to make music a career. To do this, do some research into the different areas of music and what different kinds of musicians earn. It’s important to be sure that music can give you what you need before you start pursuing a career in it.

Choosing what career path to go down is no easy task, especially when you are unsure whether you should turn a hobby that you have into a career. Hopefully, the tips and advice above have helped you to decide whether music is a career path that you would like to pursue.

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