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Ryan Reynolds’ New Commercial For Match Is Sinfully Spot-On

Satan and 2020 are officially an item?

Credit: Match/ YouTube

We all know it has been a tough year for many reasons. Luckily, Hollywood has created multiple forms of entertainment to try and distract us from all of the craziness. Well, the hilarious Ryan Reynolds has taken a different approach – instead of distracting, why not just tell it like it is? I present to you, Reynolds’ new commercial for Match. 

Wow, from the dumpster fire to the empty arenas and movie theaters – this is spot on! While the whole commercial focuses on the satire of our situation, it also includes some positivity. I am of course talking about Taylor Swift’s first sneak peak of her re-recorded hit “Love Story” which plays during the commercial! This definitely instills some hope in us, along with the slogan at the end that says “Make 2021 Your Year.” 

Honestly, this is brilliant. It just goes to show that Satan and 2020 are apparently a match! This comedic commercial has gone viral – almost 2.7 million views since it released on December 2nd! And that’s not all – another commercial released on December 3rd and already has more than 1.7 million views, check it out.

We can’t wait to see what Reynolds comes up with next! If you found this article interesting, check out this one on Catherine O’Hara’s homage to Home Alone.

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