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Robbie Robertson Tells All: Dylan, the Band, Shattered Friendship With Levon Helm

Robbie Robertson
Robbie Robertso @ Instagram

Man, can you believe it? Bob Dylan just paid his respects to his buddy and partner-in-crime, Robbie Robertson, who kicked the bucket at a ripe old 80. You remember Robbie, right? The guitar maestro from The Band, the cats who had Bob’s back back in the 60s when he went from strumming his acoustic guitar to rocking the house. Robbie took his final bow on a Wednesday after a prolonged bout with illness, and now the legendary 82-year-old music icon has finally spoken up about this jaw-dropping news.

According to the grapevine over at Billboard, Bob dropped this bombshell: “This news hit me like a freight train. Robbie was more than just a buddy; he was family. Now there’s a gaping hole in the universe.”

Wait, there’s more to the story. Word on the street is that Mojo magazine’s thrown it back to a 2017 sit-down with Robbie himself, where he laid bare how chuffed he was to be by Bob’s side when he flipped the bird to his folk-loving fans and chased after rock ‘n’ roll instead.

In Robbie’s own words: “Bob and The Hawks took a beating all around the world. Booed from here to Timbuktu, they said it was a disaster. But you know what? We stuck to our guns, and Bob didn’t bat an eyelash. We’d listen to those recordings and go, ‘Nuh-uh, they’re way off base. We’re the ones nailing it.'”

Fast forward eight years – yeah, you heard that right – they embark on a tour in ’74, the Dylan/Band tour. And guess what? They rock the joint just the same, no holds barred, and the whole world’s jaws hit the floor.

I’m talking a complete 180 – the world came crawling back to them. No alterations, no compromises, nada.

And oh, did I mention that aside from penning The Band’s greatest hits, like the one and only “The Weight,” Robbie also cranked out solo albums like there was no tomorrow? He was on fire, writing kids’ books and teaming up with Martin Scorsese to cook up the scores for over a dozen of his flicks. Talk about talent oozing out of every pore!

Now, the dude’s manager for over three decades, Jared Levine, spilled the beans earlier this week about Robbie’s departure. According to him, Robbie was in the company of his kin when he punched out his ticket to the afterlife. His wife Janet, ex Dominique and her squeeze Nicholas, plus his offspring Alexandra, Sebastian, Delphine, and Delphine’s partner Kenny – they were all there.

And don’t even get me started on the grandkids: Angelica, Donovan, Dominic, Gabriel, and Seraphina. That’s one rocking family tree!

Hey, hold off on sending flowers, would ya? The family’s got a different plan. They’re asking all you cool cats to drop some dough over at the Six Nations of the Grand River. Why? To back up a new Woodland Cultural Center, man. It’s a move that’s not only groovy but also leaves a lasting legacy.

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