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Paris Hilton Explains Her “Stop Being Poor”

“Don’t believe everything you read”.

Paris Hilton/ TikTok

Paris Hilton explained the meaning behind a viral photo of her wearing a tank top that said “Stop Being Poor”, revealing that it was fake while telling her fans “Don’t believe everything you read”.

Hilton has often been photographed during nights out, especially at the height of her popularity during the late 1990s and throughout the 2000s.

One photo from a night in Las Vegas in 2005 didn’t sit well with the public.

The image displays Hilton with her arms in the air, wearing a white tank top that reads “STOP BEING POOR”, paired with a baby pink skirt.

After the video resurfaced and went viral on TikTok, Hilton came forward to explain the truth behind the shirt.


Debunking the #STOPBEINGPOOR myth. 🙅🏼‍♀️😹 Don’t believe everything you read. 😏 #greenscreen #Iconic 👑

♬ original sound – ParisHilton
Paris Hilton/ TikTok

She quickly explains that her wardrobe from the photo is not a making a jab about those less fortunate than her.

Hilton stepped forward and said: “I never wore that shirt. This was completely Photoshopped.

“Everyone thinks this is real, but that’s not the truth.”

The actual top, which Hilton wore to the launch of her sister’s clothing line in 2005, read: “STOP BEING DESPERATE”.

Paris Hilton/ TikTok

According to the online archive KnowYourMeme, the harmful, privileged slogan has been associated with Paris Hilton since 2013, despite previous evidence that the photo was Photoshopped.

“‘Stop Being Poor’ is an expression often used to mock conservative or libertarian platforms’ arguments against public-funded healthcare or social service,” the site claims.

Hilton’s TikTok explanation has now reached 6.4 million views and has received 1.6 million likes.

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