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Pamela Anderson Criticizes “Pam & Tommy” Creators And Says They Owe A Public Apology To Her

Pamela Anderson
Image Source: Pamela Anderson @ Instagram

The ‘Pam & Tommy series is a dramatic miniseries based on the three-year marriage between Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. The show starred Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee and Lily James as Pamela Anderson, released in February 2022. The show mainly focused on the theft and inappropriate distribution of infamous intimate videos, which the couple filmed during their honeymoon. Although Anderson criticized the performance for making her relive the terrifying incident, the series has received generally positive feedback from critics and audiences. 

Pamela Anderson Makes A Public Apology

However, several people questioned why a show on Pamela and Tommy’s intimate video was even being produced, especially when it was obvious that Pamela did not want to be a part of it. In fact, according to reports, the creators of the show still need to acquire permission from Pamela to make it.

Now, nearly a year after the launch of the show “Pam & Tommy,” Pamela is speaking out about how painful the show was and how she handled having this terrible time recreated for people’s entertainment. In a recent interview with ‘Variety,’ the actress called the creators and the crew members working on the show ‘Assholes.’ She added that the series was “salt on the wound” made without her consent and a message for the creators: “You still owe me a public apology.” 

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The actress even added, “Nothing I’ve got against Lily James. She’s a lovely woman, and all she was doing was working. But the thought of the entire thing that is happening was just so painfully upsetting for me.” She has invited James to attend the release of her upcoming documentary, “Pamela: a love story.” However, Anderson will be able to present her opinion for the first time on January 31, and she hopes to make her memory go beyond Pam and Tommy’s success.

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