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Ellen Show Returns with an Apology

Will this long awaited apology be enough to redeem the “Be Kind” Lady?

Kevin T. Porter Via Twitter/The Ellen Show via NBC Studios

Earlier this year, Ellen Degeneres was exposed for not being so kind behind the scenes. According to accusations, Ellen upheld weirdly stick rules for those working for her. Even at times resorting to bullying guests that came onto the show.

As a reminder here are few things people have accused Ellen of doing either during the show itself or hidden behind the scenes. When Mariah Carey came onto the show, ellen forced her into admitting that she w2as pregnant by trying to get her to drink alcohol very persistently(video toward the end). ellen was also accused of having employees told that they were not allowed to speak to her. Didn’t allow certain employees to be in the same room as her (before quartine times were upon us). 

Overall, this apology should show Ellen taking accountability for actions and show her capacity to change what’s wrong and to do better moving forward. 

The apology itself seems to shift blame around to other employees of the show. She does explain that she is more than her image as the television “be kind lady.”  This is definitely a fair point to make, she talked about having struggles with getting anxious at times or otherwise feeling unwell. Her apology also reached to the fact that she is over more than 200 people which undoubtedly brings in a lot of stress(along with a nice paycheck.) While these don’t excuse being outright disrespectful to guests and employees, it is understandable that there would be the occasional human slip up. Except. this wasn’t just “a slip up” but instead a repeated series of wrongdoings to many different people.

Another interesting portion of the video was showing that the audience has been shifted from being in person to being digital so that people can call in and be represented on vertical screens. 

At the end of the day, the only person who knows for sure whether or not this apology was sincere is Ellen(and probably the producers). Hopefully with this apology comes change behind the scenes and not just an attempt to cover things up briefly. 

The response from people online was mostly one of disbelief in Ellen’s sincerity. Many people took to Twitter to state that the apology felt like it wasn’t enough and that it didn’t show her taking true accountability for her actions.

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