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Chet Hanks Reaches Out to Adele following Controversial Photo

Your move, Adele.

Credit: Chethanx(Instagram), adele(Instagram)

Earlier this week, Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks posted a video to is Instagram sending a message to Adele. In the video, he’s playing her hit song, Set Fire to the Rain.  while dancing in his car. 

A few seconds into the video he turns down the music to deliver his message, staying that seeing the photo swept him and that the hairstyle she wore fit her well.

The singer recently came under fire for posting this as many saw this as a form of cultural appropriation while others saw this as a celebration of culture as she was celebrating with people of the culture.

Chet makes his stance clear, he supports her choice to wear the Bantu Knots and encourages her to keep her head up through all the negative responses that came her way. 

Ending the video, Chet asks Adele to hit his line(give him a text or a phone call). 

All in all, it appears to be a positive video of him reaching out to her amidst the controversy she’s found herself in recently.  however, in dropping the accent he used towards the end of the video it’s been speculated that he’s faking the accent which could end up accruing more controversy down the line. 

To my knowledge, Adele has not yet replied to Chet’s request but there’s a good chance she’s at least heard of the video making rounds in various internet/media circles.

For more context on the picture, she posted specifically, check out this article by, Maria Goikhberg.

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