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Charlamagne Tha God Criticizes Miranda Lambert for Shaming Fans: ‘Donkeys’ Controversy Unfolds

Charlamagne Tha God Criticizes Miranda Lambert for Fan Shaming – ‘Donkeys’ Controversy Unfolds

Charlamagne Tha God
Image Source: Charlamagne Tha God @ Instagram

Well, well, well, it seems Miranda Lambert‘s recent call-out of front-row photo-taking fans has stirred up quite the debate on the internet. But one person who isn’t sittin’ on the fence is Charlamagne Tha God– he’s got some strong words for the country superstar.

On “The Breakfast Club,” CTG gave Miranda the “Donkey of the Day” title, callin’ her out for her reaction to the photo-taking fans. He’s questionin’ how she could be so oblivious to fan behavior in this day and age – it’s 2023, after all!

During her recent Vegas set, Miranda paused the show to call out a group of fans tryin’ to snap the perfect pic with the stage in the background. But CTG thinks she overreacted and used the moment to adjust her singing, which he claims was off-key. Ouch!

But here’s the kicker – CTG points out that social media rules the world in 2023, and you’re bound to see phones everywhere. So, in his book, Miranda should’ve embraced the attention instead of shamin’ the fans for takin’ pictures.

He even throws in a little country music comparison, sayin’ he’d expect this kinda behavior from the much older Dolly Parton, not from Miranda. Now, I ain’t takin’ sides here, but it looks like the Breakfast Club crew might not be the biggest country music experts, ’cause they couldn’t even name one of Miranda Lambert’s songs, let alone tell her apart from Carrie Underwood! ?

As you can imagine, fans are goin’ back and forth on this issue, but at least they’re not throwin’ things – that’s a good sign!

So, whether you’re Team Miranda or Team Photo-Taking Fans, the debate rages on. But hey, let’s remember to enjoy the music, y’all, ’cause that’s what it’s all about. And if Miranda wants to pause her show for a moment, well, that’s her prerogative. We’re all just here for the tunes and the good times, right? ??

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