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Celebs Reveal Their Morning Routines – Are They Just Like Us?

From vibrating pillows to odd shower routines, Vanity Fair reveals celebs’ morning routines.

Vanity Fair

Singers, actors and Youtubers all need sleep too, but are their morning routines that different from ours? In a recent video, Vanity Fair dished the dirt on Michael B. Jordan, Nick Jonas, John Cena, and more as we find out what celebrities do when they wake up in the morning.

No matter how much we hate getting up in the mornings, we all have a morning routine. Whether you’re a natural riser, or an overeager snoozer, how celebrities wake themselves up for the day isn’t as different as you think.

From Nick Offerman’s vibrating pillow to Anthony Mackie’s Beyoncé wake-up, here’s how different celebs get up in the mornings.

Credit: Vanity Fair via Youtube

The early-risers swiftly revealed themselves as Michael B. Jordan, Terry Crews and Keke Palmer were among some of the the celebs who wake up around 5 AM. Yikes. On the other hand, singers CharliXCX and Tiffany Young opt for a more manageable 10 AM rise. Nick Jonas has by far the most outrageous wake up, admitting he gets out of bed anytime between 6 AM to 6 PM. 

Credit: Vanity Fair via Youtube

Just like us, many celebs use their phones as an alarm. And it seems the dreaded Apple alarm tone not only haunts us, but shocks celebs awake from their peaceful slumbers.  

Are you a snoozer? Well John Cena reckons it’s “the worst device ever invented”, as he prefers to just get up and go. But some celebs like Vanessa Hudgens are constant snoozers. She also admits to cycling through her social media in bed before she gets up – sound familiar? 

The Not-so-Normal Routines

Unsurprisingly, it’s David Dobrik’s shower routine that baffles viewers the most. Dobrik shot to fame on the beloved and sincerely missed video app Vine (TikTok is just not the same), before starting his own vlog on Youtube. And now, the Youtuber who shocks fans with extravagant giveaways, shocks with his shower routine. After brushing his teeth, and shaving whilst in the shower, David then proceeds to use children’s shampoo – Watermelon being his preferred scent. Finally, he finishes by collecting the running water in his mouth, spitting it into his hands and onto the shower floor. If the splash is quieter than the last water droplet from the shower-head, Dobrik has to start his routine from the beginning. 

Credit: Vanity Fair via Youtube

In an equally strange confession, Nick Jonas revealed socks can make or break his day. Following a more regular shower routine than Dobrik’s, Jonas gets dressed. However, the wrong choice of socks can end his day before it’s begun. “If I put the long socks on, and I realise I should’ve put the short socks on, I get really frustrated. I have to then get back in bed, reset the alarm and just wait till the next day to get it right.” If only putting on the wrong socks was an acceptable excuse for avoiding our daily responsibilities. 

Well, there you have it. They may live these fast-paced, extravagant lifestyles, but underneath it all they’re not that different to us. 

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