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We’ve Finally Discovered the Best Way to Use Panoramic Mode Thanks to This Guy

That’s one long wiener!

Panoramic view isn’t just for nice vistas anymore. Thanks to this random guy on Twitter, we can all be inspired to elongate objects with the power of technology.

In the heat of July 4th excitement, Pablo Rochat got creative by using his phone’s panoramic mode in a strange new way. He elongated his tasty looking hotdog to absurd proportions from one end all the way to his mouth with hilarious results.

He dubbed this experiment the #longhotdogchallenge:

This inspired a thread of people doing their own versions with other foods and objects from butter to bananas. The thread is definitely worth checking out for a good laugh, people really took this idea and ran with it. Anything is better than another panoramic view of a sunset. But there are even better ways to use your phone, like these 6 social media methods of improving your mental health. Check it out!

Featured image from Twitter

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