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Things to Carry When Out on a Photo Trip

Make sure you’ve packed all the essentials.

Sometimes you go for photo travel and forget about your basic kits and things for the best tour. People usually get excited about going out for a journey to a mysterious place and, in this excitement, left their essential stuff for a visit. Indeed, the outing travel checklist is not easy to remember, especially in the photo tour. But you can make certain efforts and pack your basic and vital things for experiencing the best travel. These critical things include cameras, lenses, a tripod or a gimble, memory cards. You also need a backpack to pack clothes and personal belongings. In this article, I will describe the items you should take with yourself on a photo tour. These items are given below:

Camera Equipment

As it is photography travel and want to get the pictures over your mealtime so, the most important thing you need in this visit is the camera equipment. These photography equipment include a camera body and lenses. It will be your first and foremost preference if you have decided that it will be a photography tour. Some of the important camera equipment are given below:

1. Camera Body

It doesn’t matter whether you have a simple low budget camera or a professional DSLR, you have to bring it with you. I am not saying that every camera is the same because every camera has different features according to its price. I will not tell you about camera brands, but it would be best to read about mirrorless cameras. Nowadays, they are trendy in the market because of their lightweight that is certainly very helpful for a travel photographer.

2. Camera Lens

After adding the camera in your checklist, add one or two extra lenses like a wide-angle lens and others. For keeping the weight down, add maximum one or two lenses. Some of the good quality lenses you need in this travel are a wide-angle lens and a super zoom lens with a focal length of 18-300mm. Expert Photographers like Joseph Mak also recommends an 18-300mm lens.

3. Tripod and gimble

Many people ask that is the tripod or gimble essential equipment for travel photography. It is necessary for you if you want to get good quality and stabilized photos and videos, make a long exposure, or potentially bracket your image.

People who use post-processing techniques such as digital blending need a stable tripod or gimble for taking bracketed images. Choose a tripod or gimble that is sturdy and small enough and can fit into your checked luggage.

4. Camera Cleaning

Dust, sand, and detritus can easily damage your camera frame and lens. Even with a little particle of dust, your lens will stop giving your clear pictures. So, avoid your cameras and their respective lenses to get dirty. For this, bring a microfiber lens cleaner and a blower.

5. Cable Release

You’ll also need a cable release for your long exposure photography. Those people who are wishing for an exposure longer than 30 seconds using the bulb function must use it because they can’t do this without a cable release.

6. Memory Cards and Card Readers

People usually suffer from a problem during these types of trips. This problem is the lack of enough storage for keeping all the shots. So, it would be best to take enough memory cards with you to capture your entire trip. External hard drives are also preferable to memory cards. Keep one or two external hard drives with you; otherwise, you will need enough storage space in your memory cards to cover your entire trip. Overall, you need to ensure you have enough space for capturing the whole day. It would help if you also had a light display for night photography.

7. Batteries and Battery Charger

Similarly, in the point of batteries and chargers, enough battery power is important for capturing more. And during travel, it will not be easy for you to recharge your batteries, so keep with you extra batteries. Trips into the wilderness mean managing your power. There are many worth seeing places in the world with no power. Due to this, always take two batteries with you.

Optional Equipment

Some additional and optional things can also be very helpful for you in any drastic situation. Some of the optional equipment for photography are given below:

1. Extra Camera Body

It can be helpful for you, but it is very important for you if you’re on a paid assignment. Having a second body is essential because your first body can be lost in a jungle.

2. Lighting Equipment

It is optional, but it can be necessary for you to take a night or low light shots. Bright light adds the perfect sensation to your photos. It can be great for fill-in light. You may also want to use this photo light box for the perfect photography of any object although it’s completely optional that you want to take this on your photo trip or not.  The most often and the best-used light is Ambient light, but you may also need a strobe.

3. Drone

It can help you capture the vertical, horizontal, and in air shots. A drone gives you the ability to take photos from any angle. Get the above images will boost your portfolio. The only drawback of using a drone is that they don’t give good quality photos. These photos are of low quality with low resolution and image blurring.

These are the most important things you need to out for a photography tour. You will certainly need these things if you have aimed to do the best photo tour and these things will certainly help you make your trip better.

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