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The Ever Changing Photography Game

Things have changed a lot.


Whether you are a complete professional, a newbie, or have no interest in the world of photography, everyone is still aware of the advances photography has taken over the last few years, if only because of the improved quality of snapchat. Because phones have become a huge part of the amateur photography world, with each new phone claiming to have the best camera, with the newest features, like the iPhone X dual camera mode. And where you don’t buy a phone to become a photographer, there are some great photos out there that have been captured on a phone. Not one event over the past ten years hasn’t been captured on a camera phone. The automatic instinct for people these days, on witnessing something horrific, funny, special, or gross is to whip out the phone and start recording it.

And with the floods of images making their way onto the internet, photographers have needed to step up their game. Luckily the advancements in photography technology aren’t confined to phones. Take a look at how camera’s operated at the end of the last century – polaroid cameras were heading out of fashion, and it was the film camera where you had the manually wind the film to take the next picture, unless you had a posh camera that wound itself. And then you would need to develop the film, whether you did it yourself in a black room or you sent it off to be done, your images would come back and would hopefully look good.

Photo editing, before photoshop, was a slow manual process where you would develop test prints, and then make notes of how you wanted to change the image, and through a burning and lighting process, you would make those changes.Now, most filters are able to be applied in the camera, and any editing you want to do can easily be achieved through photoshop. Done and dusted in a matter of hours or less.

Cameras themselves have changed a lot too, with the development of digital technology, all cameras, even polaroids, have an instant image display, where you can view, edit and save your images. And where most professional photographers opt for a viewfinder to properly line up their shots, there are some of the best mirrorless cameras for under 500 which can provide some fantastic images.

And think about the lenses – going back as little as a decade would see a photographer lugging around four different cameras all prepped with different lenses and settings – god forbid they knocked a button or nudged the focus. Whereas now you’re more than likely to see just one high-grade camera slung around the photographer’s neck, with a couple of quick-change lenses the bag and a versatile tripod if the situation calls for it.

But one thing about the photography game hasn’t changed – and that’s the lengths photographers will go to to get that perfect shot. Waking up before dawn, sitting for days on a freezing mountain side, laying in puddles, setting themselves and their equipment of fire – there’s nothing these guys won’t do for the perfect image.

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