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Tips On Choosing A Good Online Watch Store For Your Next Watch Purchase

How to choose the right one.

Looking to buy your next watch? A watch not only serves as a timepiece but is also part of the wearer’s fashion style. Buying online from a good watch store will let you save time and effort. Knowing what you want precisely for your next watch purchase and ensuring that you purchase from a credible online watch store are some of the things to keep in mind when searching for a good watch to buy. Read on for more tips. 

  • Choose a reputable watch store and brand. To avoid being scammed or receiving fake watches, ensure that you choose only a credible watch store. If you have a particular brand in mind, it is recommended that you order directly from the official online store of the watch brand.  

If you don’t have a specific brand in mind, you can benefit from friend’s suggestions. Try asking family or friends who have recently purchased a watch online and start from there. Their recommendation will serve as an assurance of the online watch store’s legitimacy. 

  • Ensure that the watch store is an authorized seller of the brands they carry. This helps customers know that the brand’s warranty protects the watch they purchase from the seller. This is also a way to ensure the authenticity of the products sold by the store. Watch brands usually have a list of their authorized dealers so you can double check on their website.  

You don’t have to purchase from authorized dealers as sometimes prices from other stores may be lower. But take note that the risk of getting a fake watch is higher if authenticity is not guaranteed. Fake watches don’t come with a warranty, which is difficult if the item you purchased turned out defective. 

Authorized watch dealers, whether online or physical, will be listed on the brand’s “Where to Buy” pages. 

  • Avoid online watch stores that sell products at suspiciously low prices. In an effort of attracting buyers, online stores will mark down their prices. This can be reasonable because they usually incur lesser overhead expenses than brick-and-mortar stores. But if the prices are unusually low, you should be more suspicious or, better yet, stay away from such stores. The items either may have technical issues or are fake. If you have been eyeing a particular watch, you may check its regular price on its official website.  
  • Check reviews for the store. Buyer reviews can tell you plenty about the technical aspects of the watch. However, checking out reviews for the store itself is critical. This is one way to assess the store’s credibility to help you decide if you want to buy from the store or not. A certified watch store will have more positive reviews than negative ones.  

Reviews can also help customers have an idea of how the actual product looks like. Some reviews will even talk about packaging to give you an idea if the watch is wrapped and protected well to withstand handling from the store to the courier and finally to your doorstep. Watch out for reviews that say that the box was not protected with bubble wrap and came crumpled.  

Reviews will also give you an idea of a store’s after sales and how a store handles complaints.  

Be wary of fake reviews that may affect the reputation of either seller or store. Sometimes reviewers did not purchase the product from the store and could be merely giving a review for the product alone. Reviews of verified buyers should be indicated and should be given more attention. 

Look for reviews that share how quick a site ships their items. 

  • Check the website’s returns, shipping, and warranty information. Before finally deciding to transact with an online watch seller, ensure you have read about its logistical policies. In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may need to return it, and it is recommended that you already know the steps to making a return.  

The website should also contain information regarding warranty policies of their products. In case of problems with your purchase, you will have to send it back either to the retailer or directly to the brand, so information on where to send the product should be clearly stated in their website. 

Check whether you will be responsible for return shipping or you can return it for free. 

To ensure your next watch purchase will go smoothly, keep these points in mind when looking for the right online watch seller to transact with. 

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