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Jesus Trainers Containing Real Holy Water Sell Out in Minutes

These shoes will have you walking on water!

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‘Jesus shoes’ often refer to sandals, like what Christ may have worn. Shoe Collectors and Christians alike where able to get their hands on some limited edition Jesus-inspired Nike Trainers!

Most people might be able to tell you about the part of the bible where Jesus is walking on water. What if you could do the same? And what shoes would Jesus have worn? Company MSCHF, based in Brooklyn, have got you covered.

The shoes themselves are a pair of all-white Nike Air Max 97s. Within the bubble soles of the shoe, water has been injected. The water came from the Jordan River and was blessed by a priest. It has been dyed a little with blue colouring in order to make it more visable.

Jesus Christ walking on water talking to men in a boat depicted in a Stained Glass Window
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Furthermore, there is a gold crucifix fixed to the shoelaces. Written on the side is “MT 14:25” in reference to Matthew 14:25, the part of the bible depicting Jesus walking on water. Also, the insoles are infused with Frankincense and are red to mimic the shoes often worn by previous Popes.

This is all in jest, and in no affiliation with Nike themselves MSCHF bought the shoes at face value before making the modifications. The shoes themselves are seen as to poke fun at collaboration culture. However, we are certain that there could be some backlash.

However, despite costing $3000 per pair, the ‘Jesus Shoes’ sold out in minutes. We hope whoever bought them has a good time displaying them and/or walking on water!

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