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How to Style Oversized T-Shirts Like a Model

Elevate your fashion game with tips on How to Style Oversized T-Shirts. Discover trendy looks for effortless style!

How to Style Oversized T-Shirts
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

We all know that one of the key essentials in a trendy wardrobe is a trusty oversized t-shirt, or maybe even a whole bunch of ’em (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!). 

I mean, who can resist the cozy charm of your favorite tee? 

But here’s the real deal – you don’t have to settle for a sloppy look. 

When it comes to how to style oversized t-shirts, we’re diving deep into the celebrity playbook for some serious style inspo. 

Kendall’s Cool Combo: Over Boyfriend Jeans

Let’s start with the classics, folks. Jeans and a tee – it’s like peanut butter and jelly, right? Kendall Jenner shows us that with a little styling magic, this combo can be a fashion knockout. Her cherry-print vintage Louis Vuitton bag and fishnet heels bring some serious pizzazz to the party. If you’re feeling a bit more laid-back, swap those heels for some fresh white sneakers. Boom! Casual chic, achieved. 

Emma’s Tuck Trick: Tucked into High-Rise Jeans

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Emma Roberts spills the beans on the power of tucking in your tee. It’s like a quick fashion upgrade! Tucking in that oversized shirt creates some killer curves and makes your legs look like they go on forever. Remember, go for relaxed-fit denim, not those super-skinny jeans. Levi’s 501s or Wedgies are your BFFs here. 

Hailey’s No-Pants Power Move: As a Dress

Oh, the no-pants look! Hailey Bieber knows how to make a statement. It’s like saying, “I woke up like this – fabulous!” For us mere mortals, throwing on some bike shorts or denim cutoffs underneath is a must. Take a page from Hailey’s book and add some trendy outerwear and accessories. Knee-high boots and leather blazers? Absolutely! It’s all about that luxe touch. 

Rihanna’s Proportional Play: With Full Glam

Rihanna’s got the oversized shirt game locked down. She loves mixing streetwear with high-end fashion. How about layering that oversized tee over a sleek slip dress for your next night out? Trust us; it’s unexpected and oh-so-trendy for 2021. And don’t skimp on the glam – heels, bold lip paint, and some shiny bling, just like Riri herself. Bonus points if you rock a faux fur coat or scarf! ?

Emily’s Cozy Combo: With Sweatpants

We’ve all been there, right? Oversized tee and sweatpants – the unofficial official outfit of 2020. It’s your go-to for a cozy yet stylish winter look. Match your outerwear with the tee’s color for a killer combo like Emily Ratajkowski. Her green retro puffer adds that extra oomph. Complete the look with streetwear sneakers, gold hoops, and a sporty baseball hat. Easy-peasy, comfy-chic! 

Kim’s Bike Shorts Bash: With Bike Shorts & Sneakers

Kim Kardashian reigns supreme in the world of oversized tees. She’s all about pairing them with bike shorts and futuristic kicks. To get that Kim K look, toss on some black bike shorts and an oversized heavyweight tee. Finish it off with chunky chains and sleek hair – voilà! Casual, but make it fashion. 

Gigi’s Workday Wonder: Tucked into Trousers

For our nine-to-fivers, here’s the lowdown – oversized tees can totally work for the office. Just keep it SFW (that’s Safe For Work), folks. Pair it up with wide-leg high-waisted trousers, and you’re looking effortlessly chic. Throw in some heeled ankle boots, and you’ve got office style down pat. Don’t forget that chunky cardigan or boyfriendy blazer for the complete “office bathroom selfie” look! 

Zoe’s Mini Masterpiece: Under a Mini Skirt

Summer vibes incoming! Zoe Kravitz teaches us a thing or two about summer styling. Tuck that oversized tee into a cute miniskirt, preferably a tennis-inspired one. Minimalist accessories, like Zoe’s mini purse and oval sunglasses, keep things fresh. And if you’re not into the sock-and-Mary-Janes vibe, opt for classic sneakers. Nike Air Force 1s or Air Max, anyone? 

Celine’s French Elegance: Under a Blazer

We all miss Paris Fashion Week, right? Well, Celine Dion’s street style during PFW is the stuff of legends. With a little help from stylist Law Roach, she nails the blazer-and-oversized-shirt combo. Add a Titanic-inspired pendant and some chic pumps, and you’ve got a look that’s feminine, chic, and oh-so-French. ??

Kaia’s Model Magic: With Jeans Shorts

Kaia Gerber may have supermodel legs, but we can still rock her model-off-duty style. Think grunge meets Parisian chic – it’s all about the combat boots and distressed denim. Your oversized tee? It’s the cherry on top. 

Selena’s Effortless Elegance: Under a Denim Jacket

Last but not least, denim jackets go with everything, including your favorite tee. Selena Gomez shows us how to nail the leggings and oversized shirt combo – it’s a lazy-day lifesaver. A quirky graphic and crisp white sneakers tie it all together. Simple, stylish, and ready to roll. 

So there you have it, folks – the celeb-approved guide on how to style oversized t-shirts. Time to raid your closet and start rocking those tees like a true fashionista. Stay chic, stay comfortable, and remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself!

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