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How To Choose The Best Engagement Rings For The Love Of Your Life

This is how.

If you are madly in love and have decided the pop the question, it only stands to reason that you are now ready to go on a ring hunt, looking for the best ring you can find to suit your lovely lady. However, with the numerous styles out there and the variety of rings to choose from, it can become quite confusing and leave you a bit stressed. After all, the ring should be about more than just a decoration on her finger and a symbol saying that she is now off the market.  

So, what should you think about when it is time to choose an engagement ring for your lady? There are a few important things that you need to consider before heading out the door to buy an engagement ring. First things first, the ring should suit her personality so that she will be happy and proud to show it off to everyone who wants to see it. A bling ring for a bride who likes the more classic style or a simple ring for someone who likes to stand out is a recipe for disappointment.  

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they say, and that could not be truer in the case of brides to be. Diamonds have become synonymous with engagement rings, and so you want to pick a ring that truly allows the diamonds to shine. Picking a ring with as little metalwork as possible is most likely to do just that. The ring you choose should also be comfortable enough and versatile so that she will be able to wear it every day until the wedding ceremony, and after.  

If you are still confused, here are a few ring types for you to look at.  

Antique Engagement Rings: Does your lady love all things vintage? If so, this is exactly the type you need to look for. Often found in styles rarely made today, it will allow her to wear it with pride and know that you know her so much better than she thought you did and will hold so much more meaning than just being a rings 

you are presenting her with for because it is tradition.   

Princess-Cut Diamond Rings: This ring is the classic style of engagement rings and never goes out of style. Whether you are partial to the silver, platinum or gold rings, the beautiful princess cut diamond will really make your lady feel like a princess. With a simple, yet elegant design, it can be worn every day, and even be worn with her wedding band without making it clash.  

Modern Engagement Rings: If your lady is the type who likes to stand out in the crowd, then a modern diamond engagement ring will be exactly her thing. They are bold and eye-catching but have an elegance to them that will leave her and everyone who sees it speechless.  

Once you have the right ring, you will be all set to get down on one knee and pop the big question. It’s going to be impossible for her to refuse a man who loves her enough to go through so much trouble just to make her happy. 

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